About Our Expertise

We provide all our services with the world's highest and best technology, developed by a team of experts with experience, skills, and knowledge for the last 13 years. We constantly train our team on new technologies. So that our team can acquire the latest technology skills, we are continuously investing in building a skilled technology team. Our team analyses the small and medium businesses in Bangladesh and outside the country and provides them with budget- and user-friendly software, website mobile application SMS service, hosting service, domain registration service, any custom software, digital marketing, and logo design.

We provide a variety of solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We have some software developed by our skilled staff, like ISP Management Software for Internet Service Providers (“Robot ISP"), Accounting and Inventory Software, Tour Tours and Travel Software, Dealership Management Software, Accounting Inventory Software for Rod & Cement, and Union Parishad Tax Collection Software, among others. Apart from these, we customize software for any organization. That is our unique feature. We have more than 1000 clients in ISP software and other software and services at home and abroad.
We adopt several methods for quality assurance (QA). First of all, let's see if the software or service is suitable for those for whom we have created it. Then we make sure that the latest technology is used in this service or software and that any new additions will make it more perfect. Also, we check whether it is made according to the world standard model, and after everything is confirmed, we make the final delivery of the software or service to the customers.
We have a highly skilled, experienced team with experience in various technologies. We have experience in various international giant technologies and all the latest technologies required by our customers. We always train them for the latest technology and customer needs. Quality assurance is ensured in our recruitment process by taking into account the expertise in the latest technology globally.
We use Bengali and English to communicate with our customers. We use the Bangla language for our local customers and the English language for foreign customers. An English-speaking team has all kinds of contacts with foreign customers.

The key to our success is our relationship with our customers. We have a high-quality relationship with our customers. We consider each customer to be our business partner. We advise them on how to do their business better. There is always no feedback from them on what to do. We call our customers, try to understand their thoughts, and try to provide services accordingly. Relationships with our customers create opportunities for us to move forward. We share these with our customers in the latest Technology Analyst and advise them on what to do. There is no advice from them on what to do to improve the service.

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Our Expertise

Bangladesh Software Development Company has some goals. Among them are providing advanced technology to customers, creating new software by doing various business analyses, and providing different types of services through the highest technology involved. Here are some descriptions of the software and services we provide:

Domain Service

Domain refers to the name of a business or service. Bangladesh Software Development advises a customer on the best domain name. Moreover, domain registration, privacy protection, domain transfer, and domain renewal are efficiently done by us. We provide any type of domain service.

Hosting Service

We provide hosting with the latest hardware and technology for websites, web applications, e-commerce, and software. Running well depends on good hosting. A good host depends on the latest hardware and technology, uptime, reliability, scalability, security, and technical support.

Software Development & Service

Smart business software is needed to run a business organization smartly and at scale. Business software can improve a business. Bangladesh Software Development creates smart business software for all these business organisations using advanced technology and a skilled developer team.

Web Development & Service

Website development is our strong platform. We do website design development by our highly talented and skilled web development team. To develop a website we provide unique, eye-catching, mobile user friendly and SEO friendly website by doing business analysis of that organization.

Ecommerce Development & Service

E-commerce development is one of Bangladesh Software's many expert platforms. We follow several methods to develop a E-commerce. Such as Font View and Backend management, mobile user-friendly view and customer choice. We always use the latest and advanced technology for e-commerce development.

Mobile Application Development & Service

Applications Software, web application, e-commerce, or any type of online service requires a mobile application. The most common and comfortable platform for customers is mobile apps. Bangladesh Software Development develops mobile app designs considering these aspects.

Digital Marketing Service

Digital marketing services are often integrated into a comprehensive strategy tailored to meet the unique goals and needs of a business. The landscape is dynamic, and successful digital marketing requires staying abreast of industry trends and evolving technologies.

Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS marketing is an easy and effective way to reach customers with service-related information. BSD always provides low-cost bulk SMS services all over Bangladesh. This communication method is commonly used for marketing, informational alerts, reminders, and other purposes. Here's an overview of bulk SMS.

Logo Banner UI-UX Design

Remember that a well-designed logo is a valuable asset for your brand, helping to create a strong visual identity. If you're not comfortable designing it yourself, consider hiring a BSD to bring your vision to life.