Staffing Solutions

Welcome to Bangladesh Software Development (BSD). We are an experienced software company providing affordable jobs for the modern business world. In the post-Covid-19 era, remote working has become the "new normal" for everyone, making it cost-effective for companies. With over 11 years of experience, we offer functional services to make your IT operations easier and faster. Our skilled team is built to move with the digital world. Leverage our team's expertise for easy solutions to your IT-related tasks. Discover how Bangladesh Software Development (BSD) can be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the contemporary business environment.

With our help, you will get your own customised team to focus on your work and performance security, not to reduce some of the associated difficulties. We are able to provide unlimited skills and commitment to focus on your work, including web developers, mobile application developers, project managers, SAP Success Factor consultants, sales force developers, web designers, software testers, and others.

Staffing Solution Services

As staffing solution, our services comprise (you can pick any one of them)

  • 100% Outsourced Team Without Our Manager
  • 100% Dedicated Team With Our Manager
  • Weekly Engaged Team With min. Committed Hours
  • Monthly Engaged Team With min. Committed Hours

Process Oriented


Bangladesh Software Development (BSD) opens an invisible path for you to a stable and experienced staffing solution. Our fully guaranteed and third-party-verified resources ensure your expertise and professional excellence to improve your organization. Our ISO-standard steps are easy to understand, and we save ourselves work by using a university-provided process.Here are some of the benefits to get associated with us:

  • 100% Reliable & 3rd Party Verified Resources
  • ISO Compliant Processes
  • 14+ years long work record with more than 80% NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Our processes/services are trusted by Fortune 500 listed and other leading organizations
  • We make 100% customized to meet your requirement and expectations
  • We have pool of certified and non-certified persons as per your requirement
  • Regular internal training to keep the resource up-to-dated
  • Fully reliable team to interact with your client(s) on your behalf
  • Team is available as per your OR your client's time
  • Software and hardware licenses to be provided by us
  • SLA Based Delivery Commitment
  • Transparent costing model, no hidden OR surprise charges
  • Monthly Billing
  • Annual OR Three Year Contract