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Tax collection is a complex process for developing countries like us. We collect these taxes in a few ways from all the means that tax is collected in our country, tax collection by the local union council is one of them. This is what we call Union Parishad Tax Collection System. For a long time this tax collection was done manually, manual tax collection required a lot of manpower and there was no accurate calculation and it was not known who owed the amount of tax manually. Considering all these aspects we create a software for a Union Parishad collection and they can easily use it. By which tax collection is done till now about 300 plus union parishads of the country. As a result of using it, they now have more tax collection than before, as a result of which the Union Parishads are becoming self-sufficient. On the other hand, by paying taxes, the common people of our country are participating in all the development of the country. As a result, their rights towards the country are increasing. On the other hand, the government institutions of our country are becoming self-reliant by relying on this tax. Considering these aspects, this software is playing an important role in the development of our little Bangladesh.
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UP-Tax Software Features & Live Demo

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Why Choose Us

Our software is one of the few software available for tax collection of Bangladesh Union Parishad. This software has all the important modules that a Union Parishad needs to do tax collection. Among all the software we have, only UP Tax Collection software uses Bengali language to make it easy to understand. This software has various important modules including district management, upazila management, post office management, village management, there are also important certificate issuing processes like citizenship certificate, trade license certificate, certificate of same name, unmarried certificate, death certificate etc.
  • * Total House
  • * Total Organization
  • * View user information update
  • * Total Tax
  • * Total Tax Received
  • * Add user
  • * user List
  • * Add New District
  • * All District list
  • * Add New Upazila
  • * All Upazila list
  • * Add New Post Office
  • * All Post Office list
  • * Add New Union
  • * All Union list
  • * Add New Village
  • * All Village list
  • * Add New Organization
  • * All Organization list
  • * Add New House
  • * All House list
  • * Add other House Member
  • * Other House Member List
  • * Citizenship Certificate
  • * Trade Licence Certificate
  • * Certificate of same name
  • * Unmarried Certificate
  • * Death Certificate
  • * Heir Certificate
  • * Tax Payment Generate
  • * Tax Payment Receive
  • * Tax Payment Report
  • * Trade Licence Payment Receive
  • * Trade Licence Payment Report
  • * Send SMS
  • * SMS Notification

UP-TAX Management Software Service

Here are some compelling reasons why choosing us can significantly benefit your tax management needs:

Comprehensive and Customizable Solutions: Our software provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to address various tax management requirements.

User-Friendly Interface: We prioritize user experience by offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Efficiency and Time-Saving: Our software streamlines tax processes, automating repetitive tasks, and reducing manual intervention.

Cost-Effectiveness: Our software solution provides excellent value for money, offering competitive pricing plans tailored to fit different business sizes and budgets.