Software Development

School management software is a healthy, essential, and secure solution that helps manage school and college activities. This software helps in creating better communication and coordination between teachers, students, and parents and helps school administrators to generalize a healthy campaign in administrative work.

Some Important Features of School Management Software:

  1. Storage of student data: The software stores the data of each student, which helps in better assessment of their academic progress and attendance.
  2. Class Scheduling and Exam Scheduling: The software helps teachers to create class schedules and provides all the necessary information about exams.
  3. Parent Communication: The software helps to communicate with the parents, informing them about the necessary information and progress of the students.
  4. Accounting and Disbursement: The software helps in the accounting and disbursement work of the school and provides all the supporting information required for educational attendance.
  5. School Staff Profile Management: The software manages school staff profiles and activities, helping to identify suitable staff for specific jobs.
accounting inventory

School Management Software Features & Live Demo

accounting inventory

Why Choose Us

Our software has many features that help in making a school smart and digital. It connects the school with technology. It builds up student and parent relationship with the school. Through this software online class, online result, student activity and financial activity staff and The total activity report of teachers is available. This software has been developed according to international standards. It is a smart software.
  • * Multiple user create
  • * View user information update
  • * Menu permission
  • * Add new Branch
  • * Branch List
  • * Student
  • * Add
  • * Accounts Statement
  • * Cash Statement
  • * Bank Statement
  • * Payment
  • * Receive
  • * Report
  • * Add Inacome Head
  • * Inacome Head List
  • * Add Inacome
  • * Inacome List
  • * Today Inacome Report
  • * Monthly Inacome Report
  • * Yealy Inacome Report
  • * Add Expense Head
  • * Expense Head List
  • * Add Expense
  • * Expense List
  • * Today Expense Report
  • * Monthly Expense Report
  • * Yealy Expense Report
  • * Lesson List
  • * Inventory List
  • * Acedemics Report
  • * Comunicate Info
  • * Due SMS
  • * Occational SMS
  • * Marketing SMS

School Management System Service

Our School Management System is crafted exclusively for educational institutions. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing student records, timetables, attendance, grades, and communication with parents.

Our system automates administrative tasks, simplifies class scheduling, and facilitates seamless communication between teachers, students, and parents.

Our system securely stores and tracks student information, academic records, performance metrics, and disciplinary records, ensuring data integrity.

We prioritize ease of use. Our system features an intuitive interface accessible from various devices, enabling convenient access for teachers, administrators, students, and parents anytime, anywhere.

Our system is customizable to fit unique workflows and scalable to accommodate growth, allowing for additional features and modules as your institution expands.