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Accounting software is one of the first steps a company takes towards automation or digitization. And if the company has any products then accounting software is also needed along with inventory. Account software elevates a business to a digital platform. Using accounting inventory software makes a business's financial accounting, product management, tax and other data processing easier. We can call accounting software a digital and smart money manager. Accounting software maintains transparency of your business finances and other record keeping. Accounting software is a computer program that manages an organization's financial transactions, information and a transparent graph of day-to-day progress. By seeing which the improvement or decline of the business can be understood. Some of the accounting inventory software in Bangladesh are provided, our software is easier to create than others. It is designed keeping in mind the customers in both urban and rural areas. This feature sets us apart from others. Constantly updated according to their needs and to make their work easier. We design and develop it in such a way that every customer can say it's their own.
accounting inventory

Accounting Software Features & Live Demo

accounting inventory

Why Choose Us

Bangladesh Software Development (BSD) is a popular and user friendly accounting and inventory software provider in Bangladesh. Our accounting inventory software is for small and medium businesses. It is well thought out that it can be used by people with less knowledge in technology. By using our accounting software you can manage user permissions, product management, customer and supplier management and ledger, purchase and sale report, stock management, income expense report, loan activity, employee management, banking management and all with SMS. The service is included.
  • * Multiple user create
  • * View user information update
  • * Menu permission
  • * Add new Item
  • * Item List
  • * Add new Model
  • * Model List
  • * Add new Category
  • * Category List
  • * Add New Customer
  • * Customer due/advance
  • * All customer list
  • * Add New Supplier
  • * Supplier due/advance
  • * All Supplier list
  • * Add New Purchase
  • * Purchase Return
  • * All Purchase list
  • * Today Purchase Report
  • * Monthly Purchase Report
  • * Yealy Purchase Report
  • * Purchase Discount Report
  • * Add New Sell
  • * Sell Return
  • * All Sell list
  • * Today Sell Report
  • * Monthly Sell Report
  • * Yealy Sell Report
  • * Sell Delivery Report
  • * Sell Discount Report
  • * Accounts Statement
  • * Cash Statement
  • * Bank Statement
  • * Supplier Payment
  • * Supplier Receive
  • * Customer Payment
  • * Customer Receive
  • * All item Stock Report
  • * Today Stock Report
  • * Monthly Stock Report
  • * Yealy Stock Report
  • * Add Inacome Head
  • * Inacome Head List
  • * Add Inacome
  • * Inacome List
  • * Today Inacome Report
  • * Monthly Inacome Report
  • * Yealy Inacome Report
  • * Add Expense Head
  • * Expense Head List
  • * Add Expense
  • * Expense List
  • * Today Expense Report
  • * Monthly Expense Report
  • * Yealy Expense Report
  • * Company Ledger
  • * Profit
  • * Monthly Balance Sheet
  • * Yearly Balance Sheet
  • * Add Loan Person
  • * Provide Loan to Person
  • * Take Loan From Person
  • * Loan Borrowers List
  • * Loan Giver List
  • * Receive Customer Security Money
  • * Provide Supplier Security Money
  • * Customer Security Money Report
  • * Supplier Security Money Report
  • * Add New Employee
  • *Employee Salary
  • *Employee List
  • *Employee Transaction Report
  • * Add New Bank Info
  • * Bank Info List
  • * Bank Deposit
  • * Bank Withdraw
  • * Bank Transaction Report
  • * Due SMS
  • * Occational SMS
  • * Marketing SMS

Accounting Management Software Service

Accounting management software services are essential tools that streamline financial processes, offering comprehensive solutions for businesses across various industries. These services encompass a range of functionalities, from basic bookkeeping to advanced financial analysis. They enable businesses to efficiently manage their financial data, track expenses, generate invoices, handle payroll, and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

These software solutions are designed to enhance accuracy and efficiency, allowing for real-time monitoring of financial activities. They often offer customizable features tailored to specific business needs, facilitating seamless integration with existing systems. Moreover, accounting management software services typically provide detailed reporting capabilities, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on comprehensive financial insights. With user-friendly interfaces and automated processes, these services empower businesses to optimize their financial operations, save time, reduce errors, and ultimately improve overall productivity.