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Internet Service Provider is an organization that is bringing the Internet to the doorstep of the public. These organizations provide Internet services in coordination with domestic and foreign Internet companies. A good service provider provides high speed internet service providing connectivity for both individuals and businesses. The contribution of internet service providers in bringing all the technologies of our current technological world to the masses is unparalleled. We now have internet as one of our basic needs. We can not think of time apart from the internet these days. These internet service providers provide certain offers and different packages based on the individual requirements of the customers. From which customers choose the package that suits them and fulfills their needs. Along with providing internet services, internet service providers provide other services such as web browsing, email, voice calling, video streaming, online gaming, downloads, uploads, multimedia services, social media usage and hosting. All these services are provided. These companies use different technologies like DSL, Cable, Ethernet, Satellite, High Speed ​​4G, 5G, Bandwidth etc. to provide.
ISP Billing

ISP Robot Billing Software Features & Live Demo

ISP Billing

Why Chooose Us

Our ISP Robot software is a popular and most demanded billing software among internet providers in Bangladesh. ISP Billing Software is the first ISP Billing Software of Bangladesh, it has been providing services in Bangladesh with success since last ten years. We have about four hundred plus customers. Our ISP billing software is a user friendly and easy to operate software. It has everything that an ISP company needs, billing system, Bikash Payable system, Mycritic Connecting, SMS integration system, income and expense accounts, and many more that customers need.
  • * Multiple user create
  • * View user information update
  • * Menu permission
  • * Add new client with BTRC required data
  • * Google searching(Easily can find client data)
  • * Zone/Box wise client entry
  • * Monthly active/inactive client
  • * Customer running bill payment
  • * Customer due/advance bill payment
  • * All paid/due customer list
  • * Customer discount payment
  • * Entry others income(such as router sell)
  • * Monthly total income
  • * Monthly total expense(Ex. Bandwidth payment/Electricity bill/Sallery/Rent)
  • * Account Statement
  • * Day to day balance sheet
  • * Daily balance sheet
  • * Monthly balance sheet
  • * Yearly balance sheet
  • * All customer information
  • * All bill collection client
  • * Zone/Area wise client
  • * All paid client list
  • * All due client list
  • * Income report
  • * Expense report
  • * Daily/Monthly/Yearly balance report
  • * Easily can download total client data list
  • * Integrated SMS service
  • * Auto SMS customer bill pay
  • * Due SMS
  • * Occasional SMS
  • * Mikrotik system integrated
  • * Auto clint line on/off
  • * New client create
  • * Reduce/Increase speed
  • * Item Stock In
  • * Item Stock Out
  • * Stock Report
  • * Employee List
  • * Employee Payment
  • * Employee due/advance
  • * Customer Complain Add
  • * Customer Complain List
  • * Customer SMS Notfication
  • * Marketing Customer Add
  • * Marketing Customer Send SMS